Enwave is a fully integrated district energy services provider

We solve the cooling, heating and power needs of municipalities, communities and campuses using proven and sustainable technologies. Our intelligent energy systems generate, store, and share the different forms of energy throughout the district, delivering benefits of scale, reliability and sustainability to individual buildings.

We currently provide services in Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Seattle, Las Vegas, London, Charlottetown, Windsor and Portland.

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Global context

Cities account for 70% of the world's energy consumption. Almost 50% of the energy is used for heating or cooling. District energy systems are one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change.*

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*District energy in cities: unlocking the potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy, United Nations Environment Programme report (2015).

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Our solutions forEvery sector

Commercial solutions


Connecting to our network removes the need for in-house equipment, saving on total life cycle costs while freeing up valuable space. We also work closely with building owners to meet sustainability and LEED objectives.


Developers solutions


We bring the planning for heating, cooling and power together for the most optimal balance of cost, sustainability and resilience.


Municipalities solutions


District energy is a key tool in building the cities of the future. It supports a path to meeting sustainability and energy objectives while enabling development objectives, and benefiting the local economy.


Commercial solutions


We meet the heating and cooling needs for many leading hospitals. Our ability to serve both the needs of patient care and critical research centers is core to our reliable and resilient operations.


Commercial solutions


We develop district energy solutions that enable educational institutions to meet their growth and sustainability objectives, allowing them to focus financial resources on educational priorities.


Commercial solutions


Our district energy solutions provide residential developments with a lower cost of ownership while giving homeowners the pride that comes with contributing to a sustainable future.



Moving energy forward

At Enwave, we create the most resilient, efficient and sustainable district energy networks in North America. These intelligent networks connect businesses, residences and institutions within shared energy systems that optimize green energy sources, adapt to energy demands, and withstand unforeseen events. Moving energy forward means bringing infrastructure, technology and people together in a seamless, uninterrupted synergy, making life and work better.

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bespoke solutions

Customized solutions

We provide solutions that are designed to meet customer needs. We have the capability to be innovative, both in terms of technology and business models. We reduce or eliminate capital investment, lower life cycle costs, improve reliability and sustainability.

customer centric


We provide solutions that enhance the customer experience. We help building owners maximize the value to stakeholders, whether they're tenants, shoppers, patients or students. We provide reliable service that enables building owners to create productive and healthy environments.

future-proffed planning

Future-proofed planning

We enable developers and municipalities to participate in energy infrastructure that is future-proofed. Our scale enables the incorporation of technologies, now and in the future, that are not possible with an "in-house" solution.

long term

Building long-term partnerships

We value our relationships with our customers and the cities in which we operate. We are a key part of the long-term planning for cities and provide building owners with predictable and reliable solutions that support their long-term investments.


Where we serve

Enwave is a proven infrastructure investor that owns and operates systems in eleven cities in North America: Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Seattle, Las Vegas, London, Charlottetown, Windsor and Portland. Each of these systems has been developed with the particular needs and assets of the local community in mind.

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Environmental stewardship

As a leader in sustainability, Enwave is at the forefront of energy innovation. We strive to implement energy-efficiency solutions in everything we do, from introducing low-carbon technologies to finding new ways to share and optimize energy use. In each community we serve, we build strong partnerships to help ease the transition to district energy, always on the lookout for scalable opportunities that focus on long-term benefits.

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