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Clean, reliable energy from wood and waste

With C$3.5 million in federal funding to expand this innovative, energy-efficient system, district energy is a key part of Prince Edward Island’s official energy plan. Enwave’s Charlottetown system also offers the added benefit of converting waste materials into usable energy. Previously dependent on imported fuel, the province is now able to repurpose local waste and biomass – it’s cost effective, better for the environment and improves reliability for customers.

Enwave in PEI


Biomass brings healthy benefits

Working together with regional governments and other contractors, Enwave buys municipal solid waste (garbage) and biomass (tree stock, sawdust or scrap lumber) to be used as sources of fuel. The materials are then converted and delivered as reliable, low-carbon energy to residential, commercial and institutional customers. On an island, where space is finite, reducing waste that would otherwise go to landfill is an important benefit. As the system can easily switch between fuel sources as needed, it also boosts the province’s resiliency.


New federal investment will expand the system

For customers, district energy improves reliability and keeps costs stable, often reducing heating costs by 10% or more. As customers connect directly to Enwave’s plant, they avoid capital investment and the responsibility of maintaining their own equipment, which can substantially reduce operating expenses. The environmental benefits of using district energy also add up, with lower emissions that maintain air quality and a 90% reduction in municipal landfilling volume.


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