Our vision is a world that runs entirely on clean, low-carbon, and affordable energy. We are excited to be leading the way with our sustainable district energy solutions delivering on our customers’ goals for greater savings, economics, flexibility, reliability, competitiveness and to be a positive force in our community. We are committed to moving energy forward and enabling the sustainable transformation through district energy.

Moving energy forward

2019 Enwave ESG Report

Enwave is proud to release our inaugural ESG Report. This is an important step in continuing our commitment to low-carbon solutions, cost and energy savings, and being a positive force in our community. To see what we have accomplished in 2019 and learn more about our future plans, check out our report.

2019 Enwave ESG Report

Sustainable disctrict energy: investing today to shape the future


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Green Financing Framework

Enwave has become the first district energy company in North America to develop a guideline for public investment by releasing its Green Financing Framework. The Green Financing Framework provides guidelines for raising capital for a portfolio of new and existing assets primarily in the categories of energy efficiency and energy management, renewable energy (which includes, but is not limited to, biomass or geothermal), pollution prevention and control, and sustainable water and wastewater management.  Scotiabank acted as Green Structuring Advisor for the Green Financing Framework.

Enwave's Green Financing Framework

Sustainalytics has issued a Second-Party Opinion.

2021 Green Finance Report


Environmental stewardship

As a leader in sustainability, Enwave is at the forefront of energy innovation. We strive to implement energy-efficiency solutions in everything we do. From introducing low-carbon technologies to finding new ways to share and optimize energy use. In each community we serve, we build strong partnerships to help ease the transition to district energy, always on the lookout for scalable opportunities that focus on long-term benefits.

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