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A future-forward approach to energy

Enwave leads the way for the region’s growth with significant investment in renewable district energy, including a new combined heat and power (CHP) system and more energy-efficient equipment. For customers, district energy eliminates the need to invest capital in on-site equipment, frees up building space for profitable uses and reduces maintenance and insurance costs. The service is reliable, efficient and also makes the city more resilient.


St Josephs Health Care

St. Joseph's Health Care frees up funds

As one of Ontario’s leading teaching hospitals, the facility depends on reliable steam for space heating and sterilization. With district energy, the hospital no longer needs to maintain or monitor on-site equipment, which allows capital to be used for other priorities. The hospital operations teams can also rely on Enwave for ongoing maintenance and service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Steam gets London’s linens cleaner

For London Hospital Linen Service, steam is critical to properly sterilize linens for the region’s hospitals, community health centers and long-term care facilities. By tapping into Enwave’s district energy system for all its steam needs, the company was able to merge all locations onto one central campus, significantly improving operational efficiencies with one sustainable, reliable solution.

London Hospital

Customers connected to Enwave’s London system can count on reliable energy, delivered more efficiently and sustainably.


We supply power to the provincial grid

Enwave has built strong relationships with London Hydro and the City of London, delivering quality service that enhances the city’s – and the province’s – reliability and resiliency.

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London Facilities


Investing in London’s energy future

  • 60 customers served
  • 6 miles (10 kilometers) of steam pipes, 1.85 miles (3 kilometers) of chilled water pipes
  • Plants are built to supply power to the provincial electricity grid through London’s local grid
  • With funding from the provincial government, 2019 system expansion includes:
    • An additional combined heat and power (CHP) system
    • 17 MW gas turbine
    • 4 MW condensing steam turbine
    • 1,451 metric tons of electric chillers


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