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A district energy system is a highly efficient design to connect many buildings with differing energy profiles to a central energy source.

Providing heating and cooling from a central plant usually requires less fuel and displaces the need to install separate space heating and cooling and hot water systems in each building. The district energy system does the work, providing valuable benefits.

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Our district energy solutions support developers in bringing differentiated energy and sustainability solutions to market.

We bring a holistic approach to energy planning, helping developers select proven technologies that best meet their project's specific needs. Our extensive history of working with developers means we know the importance of effectively managing project budgets and timelines. The depth and breadth of our experience brings peace of mind to our customers.

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Nearly all municipalities today have goals for sustainability and resilience, and district energy systems can help to achieve those goals. All of the world's leading cities are incorporating district energy into their master planning today. We have extensive experience in partnering with municipalities to work towards achieving carbon reduction and resiliency objectives. In addition, a well-structured municipal strategy for energy and sustainability supports long-term development investments.

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Health care

For our hospital customers, reliability is of the utmost importance. Our systems are designed with redundancy and fuel-switching capabilities to meet the reliability requirements for both patient care and medical research. In our role as owners and operators of district energy systems, we support the ongoing infrastructure expansion needs of medical institutions, including evaluating and investing in energy storage or microgrids.

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Increasingly, homeowners and tenants value sustainable energy solutions and take pride in having these in their homes and communities, in addition to optimizing their energy bill. Our district energy systems serve many residential customers in high-rise condominiums and apartments, and leverage new sources of energy such as waste heat recovery and geo-thermal.

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Educational Campus

Educational Campus

Educational campuses

Educational institutions are focused on educating students and supporting ongoing research. By investing in and operating a campus's district energy system, we support the school's core mission. We provide the capital needed to modernize district energy systems, which support the infrastructure and sustainability needs of the campus. In addition, working with the school's faculty, we seek to engage with the student body by providing opportunities for internships and research in a 'living lab' that enhances their future opportunities in developing sustainable energy systems.



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We serve an extensive portfolio of commercial buildings in Canada. With our large-scale solutions, we help hundreds of building owners deliver tenant environments that are more reliable, sustainable and meet LEED objectives. We focus lowering the total cost of ownership and capital investments required for a building's energy systems. We integrate technologies that are superior to traditional chiller and boiler configurations.

Deep lake cooling

Deep Lake Water Cooling

Enwave's industry leading Deep Lake Water Cooling System in Lake Ontario is a revolutionary cooling solution and is the world’s largest of its kind.

Deep below lake Ontario’s surface is the city’s most valuable source of renewable energy.

Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system harnesses the cold temperature at the bottom of Lake Ontario to cool hospitals, data centers, educational campuses, government buildings, commercial and residential buildings.

Deep Lake Cooling


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