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We're your energy partner.

Our innovative systems provide high demand, green energy solutions for the communities of tomorrow. And, as you transition your energy requirements, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive, full-service partnership includes financial solutions and system management to help make the transition easy.

So, we are better for you, your customers and the planet. And that makes GeoCommunities infinitely smarter.

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For your development

Enwave GeoCommunities provides unparalleled access to low-carbon, off-district energy with attractive financing and maintenance options all in an efficient and collaborative process.

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For your customers

Customers are demanding greener energy. Provide them with a reliable, local and comfortable Geoexchange solution from Enwave GeoCommunities.

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For the planet

The future of our planet hinges on our collective ability to provide sustainable energy solutions. Enwave GeoCommunities is providing those solutions today.

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Why choose us

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Enwave has a deep history of delivering complex energy projects in Toronto and proven track record with developers on long-term infrastructure.

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Operational Excellence

Enwave’s local operations team are leveraged to deliver reliable operations and simplicity.

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Financial Flexibility

Enwave has developed a structure that suits the financial needs of the individual developers.

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Enwave owns and takes full responsibility for the operations of the geoexchange bore field (pipes, bore holes, pumps, etc.). We then operate a heat exchanger in the building to which the building’s HVAC equipment connects to allowing the exchange of energy for heating and cooling.

Geoexchange has been in use since the late 1940s1, and Enwave owns and operates systems that have been in operation for over 8 years.


Although bore holes must be drilled under the building, Enwave has many options to limit or avoid any potential impact or delays to construction schedules. We work closely with our team of experienced construction professionals to carefully coordinate construction activities with your site team.

During the contract term, Enwave is responsible
for constructing, owning, operating, and maintaining the system.

The system ownership is transferred to the building owner(s) after the contract expires.

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Enwave’s Geoexchange Expertise

Key to the future of widespread low-carbon energy, and a key pillar of our business

Full Service
Full Service operations

Enwave owns and operates multiple geoexchange systems in the Toronto core providing low carbon energy to condominium developments.

Construction expertise

Our proven track record is based on 30 years of experience, and we now extend that expertise to geoexchange projects through Enwave’s GeoCommunities.

Large-scale community planning

Enwave provides master planning, design, implementation, financing and maintenance for largescale, high density, district geoexchange energy systems.

Small-scale community planning

Enwave GeoCommunities provides all the benefits of district geoexchange technology with an off-district solution for single family home developments.


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