An innovative cooling project will expand to serve a growing downtown core

Toronto, ON | January 10, 2019 – Enwave Energy Corporation (Enwave) announces a $100 million expansion of its Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) system with the support of up to $10 million in federal funding. A sustainable energy project, DLWC draws cold water from Lake Ontario to cool hospitals, educational campuses, government buildings, commercial and residential buildings in Toronto’s downtown core. The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce strain on the electricity and water systems, help support and attract new development, and make the city more resilient.

The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, is in Toronto today to award Enwave and other recipients of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge, following a tour of Enwave’s John Street Pumping Station. As part of Canada’s clean growth and climate action plan, the Challenge fund provides $450 million to support projects that reduce emissions and generate clean growth.

The investment will help Enwave expand the capacity of its industry-leading DLWC system and serve sustainable cooling to an additional two million square metres of floor space – the equivalent of 40-50 buildings.

Since its inception, DLWC has successfully provided a sustainable alternative to traditional in-building cooling equipment – often a major operating cost for large buildings and institutions. A community-based approach, the system is a district energy model that connects multiple buildings on the same network of infrastructure to leverage economies of scale. Key institutions such as hospitals, data centres and commercial buildings all benefit from the resulting increased reliability and critical resilience of district cooling and heating. The environmental benefits also run deep, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and annual water consumption.

Quick facts:

  • Compared to traditional air conditioning, DLWC can reduce cooling energy use up to 80%
  • The expansion will reduce the City of Toronto’s electrical peak demand by 13MW
  • Buildings connected to DLWC are more likely to maintain cooling in the event of severe weather
  • The expansion project will reduce annual water consumption the equivalent of 113 Olympic swimming pools

Enwave is actively shaping its vision of district energy for the future, helping to create communities designed with low-carbon thermal networks and innovative ways to store, upcycle, and share energy. By creating an economy and supply chain around net zero carbon communities, Enwave will lead the implementation at scale.


“This funding is an investment in Toronto’s future. As Toronto grows over the next 20 years, Enwave is committed to making our city more resilient by providing innovative, sustainable heating and cooling in support of the City’s growth.”

Carlyle Coutinho

President and Chief Operating Officer, Enwave Canada

“Canadians from across the country, from all sectors and from all backgrounds, are coming up with innovative methods to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions, saving people money and creating good jobs along the way. By investing in these projects, from coast-to-coast-to-coast, the Government of Canada is making sure we are positioned to succeed in the $26 trillion global market for clean solutions and create good middle-class jobs today and for the future. We’re making sure to build a healthy and strong Canada now and for our kids and our grandkids.”

–The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change


About Enwave

As the largest core-competency district energy provider in North America, Enwave Energy Corporation is an industry leader providing innovative, sustainable energy solutions. A private corporation owned by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners and its institutional partners, Enwave has assets in Toronto, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Windsor, London and Charlottetown. In each community, Enwave operates intelligent thermal energy systems that generate, store, and share energy across the district.


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