TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enwave Energy Corporation (Enwave) is working with Brookfield Properties (Brookfield) to build in sustainability at one of Toronto’s most prestigious downtown office complexes. The third and final tower of Bay Adelaide Centre a 32-storey high-rise tower set for completion by 2022, of which Scotiabank will be the lead tenant, will feature an innovative heating approach that economically captures and reuses residual heat to improve efficiency and add long-term value for tenants and investors.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s financial core, Brookfield’s existing Bay Adelaide Centre towers – which have achieved LEED Gold and Platinum core and shell certification and BOMA 360 designation – are currently connected to Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) system. A sustainable alternative to air conditioning, this world-renowned district energy system draws renewable cold water from Lake Ontario to cool downtown buildings.

For the North Tower, Enwave will build and operate within the Bay Adelaide Centre complex, a hot water plant that generates heat from both natural gas and electrically powered heat pumps, enhancing resiliency and optimizing energy use. A supplemental heat pump will also capture residual heat from the DLWC system and reuse it to heat the building.

Compared to traditional in-house boilers, Enwave’s solution is a lower-carbon, highly-efficient process that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions significantly. The new tower will be one of the most thermally sustainable buildings in Toronto.

With this innovative system servicing Bay Adelaide Centre North Tower - Enwave continues to lead the industry by providing sustainable and highly-efficient low-carbon strategies for Toronto’s downtown core.


“There’s enormous potential in low-carbon energy solutions. As the industry changes, Enwave will continue to push the envelope to find creative ways to drive value and resilience for our customers today and long-term.” – Carlyle Coutinho, President and Chief Operating Officer, Enwave Canada

About Enwave

As the largest core-competency district energy provider in North America, Enwave Energy Corporation is an industry leader that provides innovative, sustainable energy solutions. A private corporation owned by Brookfield Infrastructure Partners and its institutional partners, Enwave has assets in Toronto, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Windsor, London and Charlottetown, operating intelligent thermal energy systems that generate, store and share energy.

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