TORONTO, Oct. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enwave Energy Corporation, a leading provider of district energy and known for its world-renowned deep lake water cooling network, has entered entered an exclusive energy partnership with RioCan Real Estate Investment, to advance their low carbon objectives by exploring sustainable energy solutions at certain RioCan developments. One of the first projects to be deployed is at the RioCan Leaside Centre development project, in Toronto, where a district scale and energy-efficient geoexchange solution is being implemented for the 1.3 million square foot mixed-use development project. This solution will produce significantly fewer greenhouse gases than traditional HVAC systems, and perfectly meets the high demand, green energy needs of this future community.

Earlier this year, Enwave launched a new platform to pursue off-district, low carbon geoexchange projects called Enwave GeoCommunities, which will pursue projects similar to that of the Leaside project with RioCan. Since the launch, Enwave has also partnered with another two development projects in the Toronto area to deploy stand-alone geoexchange solutions for residential towers and are now under construction.

Enwave GeoCommunities will accelerate the adoption of low-carbon energy and advance the supply chain specifically for geoexchange technology across the industry. This expansion allows Enwave to offer a greater span of available solutions to aid partners in achieving their decarbonization goals. Enwave currently operates off-district geo solutions to several single building sites. The success and reliability of these solutions has led the team to scale up resources to focus on the growth of Enwave’s off-district solutions and partnerships.

According to Enwave CEO Carlyle Coutinho, “Today, our communities and partners have bold sustainability and resilience goals - our solutions are deployed to meet those needs and targets.” Enwave has extensive partnership experience and a proven track of achieving demanding carbon reduction and resiliency goals. This expertise has led to their recent initiative with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to deliver innovative and holistic energy solutions to help reach their ambitious decarbonization objectives. Teaming up with AECOM and Alectra Energy Solutions, this program will lead to reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by planning, designing and delivering decarbonization solutions at GTAA’s facilities including lighting systems, clean heat energy services at its central utility plant, and deployment of on-site solar photovoltaic and electric vehicle charging at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Part of Enwave’s holistic approach to energy planning, design, and implementation, is its full-service partnership, offering developers financial assistance and system management to make the transition to sustainable energy faster and easier. “We’re committed to developing proven clean, low-carbon, affordable energy, which can provide greater savings, more flexibility and higher levels of sustainability,” says Coutinho.

About Enwave. Enwave is one of the largest commercial operators of community-based thermal energy systems in North America. It develops reliable, commercial, and sustainable energy solutions at scale tailored to the unique needs of municipalities, commercial developments, universities, hospitals, and residential communities. Enwave also launched Enwave GeoCommunities in 2022, specifically focused on the development of low-carbon solutions for single-building and community residential developments. The company’s management team has extensive experience in designing, operating, and/or managing a variety of low-carbon, efficient thermal and electrical technologies including lake water cooling, geoexchange, energy from waste, clean biomass, energy from sewage, thermal ice batteries, ambient loops, wind, solar, and combined heat, and power. 

Elizabeth Kriarakis


Healy Karia

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