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Clean, reliable and efficient heating and cooling

The City of Markham, in partnership with Mattamy Homes and Enwave, is using GeoExchange technology in this ground-breaking collaboration to provide a sustainable energy source to heat and cool a new community of homes.


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Mattamy’s Springwater community empowers sustainable living

As one of the newest communities in the vibrant city of Markham, Springwater provides residents with living spaces that are outfitted with leading-edge low-carbon technology. With Enwave’s GeoExchange energy , there will be zero direct fossil fuels  used for heating the homes resulting in up to 75% reduction in carbon emissions compared to typical home with a natural gas furnace.  

Enwave is playing a critical role in helping Markham become a net-zero emissions city by 2050.

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GeoExchange technology

GeoExchange is a sustainable energy system that harnesses thermal energy from the ground.

  • uses buried pipes carrying water and food-grade glycol
  • pipes are as deep as 250 metres below the surface, connecting to each home with supply and return pipes.

In winter, the community pipes absorb heat from the ground, concentrate it, and send it to the heat pump in each home. In summer, the reverse happens: the heat pump cools the hot air in each home with the cooler temperatures from the ground.


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