Dear Partners,

We understand the important role we play as an energy provider to the partners we serve and within their larger communities. As such, we are well into the execution of our preparedness plan for COVID-19.

Enwave has put in place proactive measures to ensure we keep Enwave employees safe, and continue to serve our customers effectively with the highest standards. The following is an update on our current preparation and business continuity measures.

Current Measures Taken by Enwave

  • Restriction on Travel and Access to Facilities: Enwave has prohibited work related travel for all Enwave employees, exceptional emergency travel requires prior approval by the Executive Leadership Team. Enwave is also seeking voluntary disclosure from all staff and potential visitors and contractors related to any travel and/or potential exposure or symptoms of COVID-19, prior to entering our facilities. Furthermore, we are increasing internal access restrictions to our control rooms. We will continue to monitor travel advisories under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Keeping staff informed: Updates, communications and resources regarding self-protection and travel preparedness are being distributed to Enwave staff on an on-going basis
  • Table-Top Simulations: We are increasing the frequency of table-top simulations for all of our employees to ensure preparedness for our operating and financial systems.
  • Monitoring our Vendor Partners: We have requested the preparedness plans of our critical systems vendors and are in regular communications with them regarding their status.
  • Proactive planning: A business continuity plan based on level of criticality has been implemented

We will continue to update you if further continuity measures are required and encourage you to reach out directly to for any concerns or questions.

As always, thank you for your partnership.

John Peri
President & CEO
Enwave, North America