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Global headquarters leads the way for district energy

As TD’s global headquarters, TD Centre is the largest office building complex in Canada. Designed by renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 21,000 people work in the six-tower complex. The property is owned and managed by Cadillac Fairview, an industry leader in sustainability and the first customer to adopt Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling technology (DLWC). This world-renowned system harnesses the renewable cold temperatures of Lake Ontario to cool buildings in Toronto’s downtown core.

DLWC case study


Cooling with cold water from Lake Ontario

On-site cooling, heating and hot water systems can account for significant electricity and maintenance costs. As an alternative to traditional air conditioning, TD Centre connected to the central Deep Lake Water Cooling system, eliminating the need to install separate systems in each building. District energy has reduced energy and water consumption, improved comfort and reliability for tenants and allowed the space typically used for mechanical equipment to be converted into prime leasable square footage.


TD Centre reduces cooling costs by 90%

District energy reduces the need for on-site equipment in each building. Since connecting to the system, TD Centre has achieved LEED-Platinum certification and replaced 13,000 tons of chiller capacity. As a result, the complex uses 90% less electricity compared to that used previously by the chillers, significantly reducing carbon emissions.


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