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Keeping patients comfortable – and costs down

The University Health Network (UHN) is the largest health care and medical research organization in Canada, comprised of four major hospitals and a learning institute that each require considerable amounts of energy to operate. With 24/7 year-round service, reliable cooling is essential to keep patients comfortable, maintain critical temperature bands in operating rooms, run MRI machines and other sensitive equipment, and control humidity levels.


Reliable, resilient and ready for the future

Today, two UHN facilities, including Toronto General Hospital and the TRI-University Centre, are connected to Enwave’s Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) system, with plans underway to connect Princess Margaret Hospital. The globally-recognized system is an innovative alternative to traditional cooling towers and equipment. Highly efficient, the system displaces 55 MW of energy a year from the grid – equivalent to powering eight hospitals. By harnessing the cold temperatures of Lake Ontario to cool buildings, hospitals benefit from greater temperature control and improved resilience. In the event of a major power outage, DLWC can continue to supply cooling without any disruption, using only minimal power from backup generators.

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Freeing up dollars for patient care

The Enwave system helps UHN improve reliability, reduce operating costs and support better patient care. As the system is expandable, the investment will reduce capital costs of any future projects and allow nearby buildings planning heating and cooling retrofits to tap into the network more easily than investing in on-site equipment. Across each facility, the project is expected to free up millions of dollars in capital to reallocate to other priorities such as research, patient care and life-saving equipment.


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