Enwave Houston – successfully weathered 2017's Hurricane Harvey and was featured at ASHRAE’s annual conference in June 2018.

Enwave Chicago’s own Geoff Bares chaired the seminar and told Enwave Houston’s story of resilience in the face of hurricanes. Enwave Chicago’s system is very similar to Enwave Houston’s, using the same ice battery technology.

Indeed both systems are well prepared for emergencies. Enwave Chicago has multiple electrical feeds from eight different substations serving our five standalone chiller plants. Our ice storage systems give us the ability to pump out chilled water even if our chillers are partially or totally shutdown. We’re even ready if the city water supply is lost, as we can rely on our ice thermal storage and our plants cooled with EPA-compliant river water.

Nearly 1,700 people attended ASHRAE’s conference, held this year in Houston. Geoff has been active in ASHRAE since 2009. He has chaired Technical Committee TC 6.9 (Thermal Storage) and serves as a voting member of TC 1.10 (Combined Heat & Power) and TC 6.2 (District Energy). He’s also a member of the committee revising ASHRAE Standard 150, “Method of Testing the Performance of Cool Storage Systems. Geoff is an extremely informed resource on our Enwave Chicago team!


Elizabeth Kriarakis

Manager, Communications and Administration