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Greening the Emerald City

Enwave’s district heating system is a reliable, cost-effective and low-carbon energy solution that helps Seattle maintain its status as a world leader in environmental sustainability. By providing innovative alternatives to help the city’s Central Business District, hospital district and First Hill neighborhood thrive, Enwave empowers customers to pursue sustainable strategies.


Sustainable Cyrene Apartments receive 2018 Vision Award

By tapping into Enwave’s district energy system, this 169-unit apartment building decreased energy use by 57%, achieved greater than 90% efficiency and slashed heat waste, resulting in lower carbon emissions. Connecting to the system also eliminated the need for a cooling tower, freeing up capital costs and valuable real estate for a rooftop terrace – an amenity that residents love.

Recycling water at the W Hotel

With Enwave’s state-of-the-art water-recovery technology, the W Hotel in downtown Seattle is saving water, sewer and energy costs and recycling an enormous 1.5 million gallons of water annually. The AquaRecycle system works by reclaiming 100% of wastewater from the hotel’s laundry system and feeding it with steam condensate from the system’s dryers so that no extra municipal water is needed.


Serving the hospital district and beyond with reliable, sustainable energy helps control costs and improves the city’s resilience.

Seattle Partnership

Our partnerships help support Seattle’s growth and development

We work closely with community and government organizations to help create more livable urban environments and improve the quality of life in Seattle.

Enwave also works with Seattle Public Utilities and customers to save money and recycle water for other purposes.

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Seatlle Facilities


Modernized to be more efficient

  • Supply heat to approximately 200 customers
  • Two modernized district energy plants


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