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We help create powerful neighborhoods

A bustling, five-block neighborhood in Portland is home to a major data center, office buildings, retail businesses, luxury condominiums and a large theater. Enwave supplies the eco-friendly development with sustainable, reliable cooling, which reduces energy, water and maintenance costs and improves resiliency year-round.


Indigo portland

Supporting LEED certification at Indigo @ Twelve West

With distinctive rooftop wind turbines, solar-powered hot water and a stormwater recovery system, every aspect of sustainable design was considered for this award-winning development – right down to its cooling needs. The building is served by Enwave’s district energy system – a sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioning that keeps residents comfortable and capital costs down.

Reliable cooling for critical infrastructure

The “cloud” is a real place. Digital information lives in data centers on energy-intensive servers that demand 24/7 cooling so they don’t overheat. That’s why one of Portland’s most significant data centers chose Enwave’s district energy system. It’s efficient, much quieter than conventional cooling and, most crucially, increases resilience to protect the west coast’s most important data.

Reliable Cooling

Earn points toward ENERGY STAR® and LEED certifications while meeting demand from tenants seeking sustainable practices.

Toronto facilities


Supporting better blocks

Enwave’s Portland plant delivers on-demand chilled water to meet the air conditioning needs of nearby buildings:

  • 4,530 ton capacity
  • 2.5 mile distribution network
  • Plant scalable, designed to accommodate future expansion


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