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Supporting development with district energy

With downtown development at an all-time high, Enwave is at the forefront, helping to drive growth by providing a sustainable alternative to conventional cooling. District energy eliminates the need for capital costs, attracts new development to burgeoning neighborhoods and enables customers to stay ahead of changing environmental regulations.


Dolby Theatre

Protecting brands during high-profile events

Reliability is everything when you’re hosting Hollywood’s A-listers. At the iconic Dolby Theatre, Enwave ensures a consistently comfortable environment for VIPs attending the annual Academy Awards ceremony and other live performances. This unmatched reliability during first-class events helps protect the illustrious theatre’s brand.

Customers count on Enwave to avoid capital costs, mitigate risk, benefit from more efficient plant operation and enjoy highly reliable service.

Hollywood sign


Cooling the Hollywood Hills and beyond

Four plants supply cooling to more than 14 million square feet of hotel, office and residential space:

Bunker Hill:

  • 2.5 trench miles of underground piping
  • 10,375 tons of cooling served

Century City:

  • 2 trench miles of underground piping
  • 8,050 tons of cooling served

Hollywood and Highland:

  • 0.5 trench miles of distribution piping
  • 2,000 tons of cooling served

Queen Mary:

  • 1,000 trench feet of underground piping
  • 800 tons of cooling served


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