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How Enwave put cooling costs on ice

Thanks to innovative “ice battery” technology, our industry-leading system makes and stores ice at night when electricity prices are lowest. Melted ice is then used to cool buildings, reliably and efficiently. It’s a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to conventional air conditioning for 120 Enwave customers in the Loop, West Loop, South Loop and River North neighborhoods, who are also benefitting from the flexibility of the centralized system.

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Chicago post office

Crossing the river to cool iconic post office

To efficiently cool Chicago's enormous, historic post office building (recently converted to private office space), Enwave expanded its network across the river, reducing capital costs for the developers. By also eliminating the need for large cooling towers, valuable outdoor space was reclaimed for tenants to enjoy. The investment has stimulated future development by enabling district energy in a growing area.

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Making space for a green roof at 150 North Riverside

Nestled between railway tracks and the Chicago River where real estate is at a premium, developers optimized every inch of building space on the narrow site. Connecting to Enwave’s district energy system avoided the need to install bulky chillers and cooling towers, freeing up 100% of the rooftop for a sustainable green roof.

Chicago green roof

Maggie Daley

Smooth skating at Maggie Daley Park

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Chicago skyline, tens of thousands of people brave the cold each winter to skate along the quarter-mile Skating Ribbon. Rather than installing large, noisy cooling towers in the park, connecting to Enwave’s district energy system keeps the landscape appealing and free from vibration.

Why do developers, owners and managers choose Enwave? District cooling adds value to properties, reduces costs and enhances sustainability.

Chicago facilities


Home to North America’s largest “ice battery”

  • 120 customers, including:
    • Commercial offices
    • Hotels
    • Condominiums
    • Apartments
    • Institutions
    • Data centers
  • 48 million square feet served
  • 5 interconnected downtown plants
  • 8 trench miles of underground pipes
  • 101,000 tons of chilled water produced
  • 315,000 ton-hours of thermal storage capacity


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