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A value-driven approach to keeping customers cool

For developers, property owners and managers, keeping buildings comfortable can be costly, with chillers and cooling plants accounting for some of their highest electricity and operating costs. Enwave’s industry-leading “ice battery” offers a reliable alternative to conventional air conditioning – one that’s greener, leaner and cheaper.


Shifting peak energy use and costs

Thermal energy storage is like a battery for air conditioning – it’s a brilliantly simple way to create, store and deliver energy to customers. Enwave’s innovative system makes and stores ice at night, when electricity prices are lowest, then distributes the chilled water during the day to cool nearby buildings. Shifting peak energy use to take advantage of lower costs is a reliable, cost-effective way to keep buildings comfortable, especially during long Chicago heat waves. And, by reducing strain on the grid during peak times, it’s also a smart strategy to enhance the city’s resilience.


More space, increased reliability

Without the need for on-site cooling equipment, Enwave’s Chicago customers enjoy reduced maintenance and capital costs, and the space that would have otherwise been taken up by chillers, cooling towers or other cumbersome equipment can be repurposed into leasable tenant space – a critical advantage in a city where real estate is at a premium. As Enwave's plants are all connected, customers can leverage the reliability of a networked system – uninterrupted service, in any situation.


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